How To Get A Designer-Looking Kitchen On A Budget

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When you decide to remodel you kitchen, one of the most difficult things to do is to stay on a budget. With so many beautiful things out there, it can be hard to narrow down what you want just so that you don't go overboard on your spending. But what if you could get a designer kitchen while still sticking to a budget? 

Choose Quartz

Marble countertops have been trending in kitchens for years now. and they aren't showing any sign of slowing down. The great thing about marble is that it's timeless. but the bad thing about it is that it is really expensive. With quartz countertops, you can get a similar look to marble without having to spend that much money. Another benefit of quartz is that it's not porous which means that it's not going to stain when you cut food on it or if you were to spill red wine, whereas marble is super porous. If you cook a lot or have kids, then quartz is an absolute no-brainer. 

Get Prefabricated Cabinets

Custom cabinets may be something you thought you'd always have, but once you find out how much money prefabricated cabinets can save you, they may be the thing that you go for. Prefabricated cabinets are those that you can typically pick up from home improvement stores or big box retailers. These cabinets are already made, which means that you will have to adjust your kitchen size to them, rather than the other way around. The great thing about prefabricated cabinets, though, is that they are typically really easy to install, and they tend to be just as durable as other, more expensive options. 

Look for Hardware That Speaks

Whether you go with bronze, nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, or gold hardware in your kitchen, it's going to make a big impact. Do your research when you are looking for hardware for your cabinets, sink, and lighting to ensure that you aren't just getting a good deal. Your hardware should look nice as well. The last thing you want is to have a beautiful kitchen with pendants and hardware that look cheap. One great way to test hardware out is to order samples of a bunch of them and then place them around your quartz countertops and cabinets to make sure they look really nice. 

Saving money on a kitchen sometimes takes a little bit of work and research, but it's definitely something that can be done. To learn more, reach out to your remodeling contractor for some tips and tricks as well as more information about quartz countertops