Getting The Best Results When Remodeling Your Home's Bathroom

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Investing the money in upgrading your home's bathroom can result in higher home values while also making the house a more comfortable place. While you may start to feel overwhelmed by the amount of planning that may need to be done to remodel the bathroom, there are some basic considerations that should always be reviewed to avoid overlooking some beneficial upgrades.

Upgrade The Lighting

One of the most common complaints that homeowners may have about their bathrooms is poor lighting. This can make it harder to effectively get ready, and it can also simply make you look worse in mirrors. Often, poor lighting in the bathroom is a result of the only light source being a strong overhead light. By adding more lights and positioning them to provide more even lighting, you can provide yourself with a better representation of how you will look once you are finished getting ready. If you are wanting to improve lighting without increasing electrical usage, you may want to opt for privacy windows. These are windows with an opaque glass that cannot be seen through, but that will still allow ample light to enter.

Assess Whether The Toilet Should Be Replaced

The toilet is one of the central pieces fo the bathroom area. It is also one of the plumbing fixtures that will experience the most frequent use. Unfortunately, replacing the toilet with a new or upgraded model can be fairly expensive, and this may cause some homeowners to shy away from upgrading this part of the bathroom. However, an aging toilet can be both an eyesore as well as less reliable. If you are unable to afford to replace the toilet, you may be able to give it a fresher look by upgrading the lid and seat and thoroughly bleaching the rest of the porcelain.

Consider A Glass Shower Enclosure

The shower enclosure is another defining feature of the bathroom area. Unfortunately, the shower can be a source of damage for a bathroom due to the water that splashes out when it is being used. A glass shower enclosure can prevent this from happening as it will provide more comprehensive protection. For those that have privacy concerns, it is possible to opt for a glass enclosure that uses privacy glass so that the person showering can shower in private while the rest of the bathroom is still in use. Additionally, you could place a shower curtain on the interior of the enclosure to provide further privacy for the family member that is using the shower.

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