6 Cabinet Options For The Eco-Friendly Kitchen

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Today's homeowners often try to create a green environment in their home. They set spaces aside for recycling and look to green solutions for cooking and cleaning. The next step is to consider eco-friendly options when engaging in a remodel. If you're planning a kitchen remodel, consider the following eco-friendly cabinet choices.

1. Salvaged Cabinets

A very sustainable option for your eco-friendly cabinets is to use what's already been made. Instead of using brand-new cabinets, you could visit salvage yards for existing cabinets. You often find high-end cabinets that might be outside your budget if newly-made. You also sometimes find woods or finishes that are no longer available. So, you'll have a unique and eco-friendly kitchen.

2. Reclaimed-Wood Cabinets

A similar idea is to shop for reclaimed-wood cabinets. These cabinets aren't necessarily old cabinets. Rather, they're newly-built out of old wood. The manufacturers usually reclaim the wood from barns, schoolhouses, and factories — wood was once the main material used for even the humblest of structures. Similar to salvaged cabinets, you find wood finishes that are no longer available.

3. Bamboo Cabinets

One of the most sustainable building materials is bamboo. Bamboo plants grow to maturity very quickly. The wood they produce is surprisingly strong and hard, considering the plant itself. So, bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource that also happens to be exceptionally durable. As a bonus, bamboo cabinets offer a unique and attractive graining pattern.

4. Lyptus Cabinets

Lyptus is a relatively new material. As the name suggests, the material is related to the eucalyptus tree. In fact, manufacturers use a hybrid eucalyptus species from Brazilian plantations to make an engineered project. Lyptus cabinets look like cherrywood or mahogany, but the tree takes only a fraction of the time to mature. So, lyptus is a more sustainable wood option.

5. FSC-Certified Cabinets

The Forest Stewardship Council is a program that reviews product resource management habits of lumber companies, among other entities. If said company practices responsible harvesting, the council offers its seal of approval. Cabinets with such a seal are guaranteed to be eco-friendly regardless of the wood type.

6. Low-VOC Cabinets

The foundation material isn't the only consideration for eco-friendliness. None of the materials used in construction should be harmful. To that end, home improvement expert Bob Vila suggests looking for low-VOC cabinets. One option is cabinets made from marine-grade plywood, which emits lower levels of VOCs. Review Material Data Safety sheets for any finishes you're considering.

Choose eco-friendly cabinets for your kitchen remodel project. To learn more about cabinets like Smart cabinets, contact cabinet suppliers in your area.