5 High-End Cabinet Ideas That Can Give Your Renovations Trendy and Timeless Design

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If you want to renovate the design of your kitchen, high-end kitchen cabinets are essential. You likely want cabinets that look elegant, have a custom design and include practical features. The following high-end cabinet design ideas will help give your kitchen the look you are looking for:

1. Premium Custom Hardwood Cabinet Finishes

The first thing that you should consider for the design of high-end cabinets and solid construction. This should start with a durable hardwood frame. In addition, the doors, veneers, and plywood should also be hardwood for more sturdy, durable, and solid custom cabinets in your kitchen remodeling project.

2. Painted High-End Cabinet Finishes 

There are a lot of options that you may want to consider for the finishes of your high-end cabinets. With premium hardwood materials, this often includes staining and sealants that highlight the grains of the wood. Even if you have cabinets with hardwood construction, you may want to give them a painted finish, which can be changed whenever you want to give your kitchen a different look. Glossy painted cabinet finishes will also be easier to maintain and keep clean.

3. Combining Custom High-End Cabinet Features with Solid Stone Surfaces and Countertops

The custom cabinet features that you choose for your kitchen renovations may include things like stone countertops. Integrate features into the cabinet design, such as a pull-out cutting board and food prep surface that is made of stone.

4. Interior Features and Finishes

The design of the interior of your cabinets should also have a sturdy construction and organization features. You also want high-end cabinets that have an interior finish that is easy to keep clean. Keeping the interior clean will help prevent wear and damage that can shorten the life of cabinet frames.

5. Premium Hardware Finishes to Complete the Design

Lastly, you will want to consider the finishes of the hardware that is installed on the cabinets. You want hardware to be durable to support doors and drawers of the cabinets. For handles and other exposed hardware, choose attractive metal finishes that enhance the appearance of your high-end cabinets.

These are some high-end kitchen cabinet design options that will help you create a great look for your renovations. If you are ready to start updating your kitchen with a new design, contact a high-end kitchen cabinet service and talk to them about some of these ideas for the cabinetry you have installed in your home.