4 Ways To Use Up Empty Space In A Bathroom

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If you look at one of the bathrooms in your home and find that there is a lot of empty space, you may want to start working on the room to get more functionality and improve features. Hiring a bathroom remodeling company and taking on multiple projects will help you achieve your goals.


A smart feature to change and improve is the shower because you will find it easy to use up extra space in the bathroom. If you do not have a walk-in shower, you should start making plans to add one because you can make this feature almost any size and get the functionality that you need.

However, when you commit to making a large walk-in shower, you can add built-in seating to accommodate anyone in your family who cannot stand for an entire shower. You can also make plans to incorporate a ton of storage so that you do not need to rely on storage products.


Another way that you can use up space in the bathroom is by getting a larger bathtub. A standard bath and shower combo works well in many bathrooms because it does not take up much space.

However, when space is not the issue, you can put in a soaking tub or even a jetted tub that can fit multiple people without a problem. This will allow your family to treat this feature like a backyard hot tub where you put on your swimsuits and enjoy relaxing in a tub with soothing jets.


While you can get plenty of storage in the shower that you build, you will still need storage elsewhere. Fortunately, you can let bathroom remodeling professionals know that you want to add a lot of storage and they can come up with solutions for utilizing the empty space. Adding storage solutions with deep cabinets and drawers is a great option when you have a lot of room.


One of the easiest features to expand in your bathroom is the vanity. While it may require you to replace the current vanity, you can look forward to adding a larger mirror, putting in an additional sink, and getting more storage with extra cabinetry. This will also allow you to install a deep vanity top so that your family has plenty of space to work with when getting ready.

Using these methods will help you utilize empty space in your bathroom.