Make Your Kitchen Feel More Open With A Few Changes

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Figuring out where your kitchen excels or struggles is something that you will be able to accomplish by spending many hours in the room. This means that your perspective of the kitchen after moving in will likely change quite drastically after spending months inside the house. If you find that the kitchen feels rather closed in, you can make a few changes to solve this problem.

Paint Colors

If you have a lot of dark colors in the kitchen, you should consider making the switch to light colors as they will make the room feel more open and spacious. In addition, you should not forget about painting the ceiling since going lighter can have a major impact on a feeling of openness.

When you want to avoid a situation in which the kitchen colors become mismatched, you can use features with permanent color choices such as the appliances to help in deciding on colors.


Analyzing your kitchen's windows is essential because they can play such a huge role in making the room feel spacious and inviting. A couple of small windows is likely not going to be enough to satisfy your needs, so you should make it a goal to install several new windows in the room.

While brand-new windows will help tremendously, especially when you put them in areas that bring in a lot of natural light, you may also want to increase the size of existing windows. The combination of these two projects will make a noticeable impact on the room's spaciousness.

If you want to take it a step further, you should consider installing a skylight or two as this will bring sunlight and openness in from an entirely new direction.

Cabinet Doors

While the cabinets throughout your kitchen may be used for storage, you should not underestimate their ability to make the room feel open or closed in. Solid cabinet doors keep you from being able to see inside when the doors are closed, which can make the kitchen feel smaller.

Investing in glass cabinet doors will naturally make the room feel larger even though you are not increasing the size of the kitchen. If you combine this with lighting inside the cabinets and well-organized kitchenware, you can make your kitchen cabinets look attractive and spacious.

Focusing on these kinds of kitchen remodeling projects will help you accomplish your goal of making the room feel more open and inviting.

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