4 Tips To Create A Child-Safe And Accessible Bathroom While Remodeling

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Remodeling a bathroom with your children in mind can come with a lot of different projects since you want to do your best to accommodate them. You'll want to consider safety as well as how your child can use the bathroom throughout different stages of their life. The following tips can help you choose the right projects for a child-safe bathroom remodel.

Consider the Height of the Counters

The height of the counters in your bathroom can play a big part in getting into the bathroom to turn out how you'd like. Instead of struggling to get your bathroom accessible for children, it's best to consider their age and look at the typical size of counters that can be installed. With storage underneath and counters that your child can reach, it should be much easier for the bathroom to be accessible.

Prioritize a Handheld Shower

While taking baths will be done for many years when you have young children, it's a good idea to prioritize having a handheld shower. Being able to wash off your children with a handheld shower can be great for getting shampoo out and helping them get comfortable with the shower stream on.

Taking a look at the selection of handheld showers can help you find something that easy to use and that can be installed with the existing bath and shower.

Install Safety Grab Bars

An easy way to make the bathroom a lot safer for your children is to have a safety bar installed. With a safety bar installed on the wall, as well as connected near the bathtub, you can reduce the risk of someone falling. This will help you ensure that the bathroom has the safety features that you want.

Get Temperature Locks for the Faucets

If the temperature gets too high while washing hands or taking a bath, it can be dangerous for your child since they could get burned by accident. Having temperature locks installed on the faucets is a great idea since it can help make the bathroom a lot safer.

Looking for updates that can be made to the bathroom is important when you want the bathroom to be safer for your children. Instead of being concerned that the bathroom could be lacking in terms of safety features, the above tips can help you select remodeling projects that are going to be the right match for safety.

For more ideas about bathroom remodeling, contact a local contractor.