How to Roof-Over Your Mobile Home

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There are solutions to makeover your property when you have new roofing installed on your mobile home. Rather than just replacing the materials, you may want to plan a complete roof-over project. The following ideas will help you give your property a makeover with more than just a new roof:

Choosing Materials for Your Roof-Over

The roofing that is installed on mobile homes is usually made of membranes or metal materials. Metal is a great material to use, but there are other choices that you may want to consider. The materials that you can have installed for your project include:

These are some of the best choices of materials to use for your mobile home roof-over project. If you want materials to last longer, metal roofing is a better choice. Metal roofing will be more resistant to storm damage than conventional asphalt shingles.

Planning the Roof with Additional Features

The roof project is also a great opportunity to add valuable features to your property by extending the roof space. These features can be porches, home additions, and more. The additional features that you may want to add to your property include:

These additional features can help improve your property when you have a new roof installed. Additions can be a great way to add value to your home when doing a roof-over project.

Structural Improvements for Roof-Overs

The structural improvements that are done on roof-over projects can make an original mobile home safer. This can include a secure foundation and structural elements that protect against damage in severe weather. Some of the structural improvements to consider for your project include:

These structural improvements can help to make your property safer when installing a new roof. Ask about the additional features that are needed to make the structure of the mobile home safer.

These are some things that will help makeover your property with more than just a new roof. Contact a roof-over service for help with these projects to add value to your property.