New Bathroom Tile: How This Small Project Transforms The Space

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When you invest in your bathroom, you invest in the entire home's value. You also help make the space more modern in big ways, just in working on the tiled areas.

Whether you have existing tile in your bathroom or you're putting new tile in, bathroom tile can be a benefit to you in many ways. Learn how new bathroom tile transforms your bathroom space, even if the project isn't a big one.

You make the bathroom more modern

Bathroom tile exists on the floors and the walls, allowing the space to be easily remodeled if simply choosing new bathroom tile is all you do. You can easily make the bathroom more modern and inviting by upgrading bathroom tile in all areas for a more uniform, streamlined look, or if you just want to add a pattern of bathroom tile to give the space more dimension.

You make the bathroom more durable

If you have carpet or another flooring in your bathroom that isn't very waterproof, then you should consider upgrading to a type of bathroom tile that is both within your budget and water-resistant. This can be in the form of marble, ceramic, or even a luxury vinyl tile. If you want to go even further in waterproofing your bathroom, consider putting the same bathroom tile you put on your floors on your walls inside the shower basin and behind your bathroom sink as a backsplash.

You make the bathroom look larger

You can make your bathroom appear larger by putting the right bathroom tile in. A lighter or neutral tile can give your smaller bathroom the illusion of being more spacious. If you have a too-large or very ornate bathroom, consider bathroom tile that you can use to break up the space. You can use darker bathroom tile in the main parts of the walls, transitioning to a stripe of lighter bathroom tile in the center of the wall to create visual appeal and dimension.

You make the bathroom more trending

If trend appeal is what you're after, bathroom tile delivers. Use a variety of bathroom tile textures or patterns to create a unique and trending bathroom that will have the wow appeal you're after. If you want to put your home on the market in the near future, this can be the bathroom tile technique to try.

Regardless of what your bathroom design needs are, bathroom tile can meet them. Choose a budget and meet with a remodeling contractor to see what type of bathroom tile will best meet your design ideas. A contractor can provide more information about bathroom tile.