Considering Marble Counters? 3 Things You Need To Know

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When selecting countertop materials finding a bridge between appearance and function is essential. You want to choose a countertop material that is attractive but durable enough to stand up to daily use. Marble is a natural stone well known for its beautiful appearance. While marble counters do have a reputation for being pricey and easily stained, today's options are more durable and affordable than ever. Here are three things that you need to know if you are considering marble countertops. 

They Can Be Cost-Effective

While marble counters can get pricey, especially when you go with a high-end variety, they don't have to break the bank. There are cost-effective and affordable marble options on the market. Marble slab countertops will usually range anywhere from $40 to $100 per square foot. If you are looking for a more affordable option, marble tile countertops are much cheaper than marble slabs. In addition, marble countertops will last for a long time with proper maintenance, making them cost-effective even if you are going with a high-end variety.

How To Take Care Of Them

Knowing how to care for marble countertops before you install them is crucial. While marble is porous, making it prone to staining and scratches, a little bit of elbow grease will keep your counters looking great for years to come. Sealing your marble after installation is the best ways to prevent stains. You will also want to avoid using a knife on a marble countertop. Cutting boards are essential. 

No Slab Is Exactly The Same

Marble is a natural stone, and unlike manufactured materials, marble is not uniform regarding veining and patterns. No two pieces of marble are exactly alike. However, it is possible to find slabs that complement each other. If you are using a lot of marble in your home, you will want to select your marble slabs in person. Shopping in person lets you know precisely what you are getting when it comes to your marble counters.

Marble countertops work well with many home styles and can be an excellent fit for your needs, but there are a few things to know before installing them. First, while marble has a reputation for being expensive, there are affordable options to choose from. Second, knowing whether you are up to maintaining marble counters is essential before installing them. Finally, no two marble slabs are exactly alike, so keep this in mind when selecting your marble countertops