How To Make An Open-Concept Bathroom Work For You

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An open-concept bathroom can create a luxurious look for your bedroom, and it can even transform a larger bedroom into a master suite. However, an open-concept bathroom carries with it a few challenges, such as privacy. With a few creative design ideas, you can create a bathroom that blends seamlessly with the rest of the space while providing you with the privacy you desire. Here are some ideas you can discuss with your remodeling contractor to make your new bathroom work for you. 

Focal Wall

A focal wall helps define the space in the room, separating the sleeping quarters from the bathroom. This wall doesn't need to completely divide the room to serve its purpose. A that is wall narrow enough to accommodate a dresser on one side and a vanity on the other provides a perfect way to separate the different spaces. You can even opt for a half wall to provide extra privacy while still maintaining the flow of the open-concept design. Use the bedroom side of the wall to display a television or set up a dresser, leaving the bathroom side of the wall free for a vanity and sink or heated towel rack. 

Toilet Alcove

The one component of the bathroom that people want the most privacy for is the toilet. While an open shower and tub can lend spa appeal to your master suite, you may want to conceal the toilet for added peace of mind. Creating a toilet alcove in one corner of the bathroom area can help you achieve this goal. Work with your remodeling contractor to determine where the toilet will go. Full-length walls on either side of the toilet provide added privacy, but you may also want to consider adding a door as a finishing touch. A frosted glass door maintains privacy while still lending a light, airy vibe to your space. 

Sliding Screens

Adding sliding screens to the line between the bathroom and bedroom area can provide a host of benefits. An opaque screen or frosted sliding glass door can be positioned to hide the tub, shower, or toilet when any of these features are in use. The screen also helps define the space while adding an extra design element to the room. You can also find different designs to match your home decor, such as a single sliding barn door, which can be moved back and forth to obscure the tub or toilet as needed. The key to this idea is to never completely close off the bathroom area. A single screen, panel, or door measuring half the width of the bathroom opening helps maintain the flow of the open floor plan while providing added privacy. 

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