Tips On Fixing A Dark Bathroom While Working With A Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

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A common complaint many have about their bathrooms is that they are just too dark and/or don't have enough natural light coming in. If you decide to work with a bathroom remodeling contractor—such as Midwest Bath Company—to remodel your bathroom, you should take the opportunity to address the lighting situation. Here are some things that can be done to lighten your bathroom: 

Have skylights installed in the bathroom

Having skylights installed in your bathroom is a wonderful and very efficient way to let more natural lighting in. Also, the skylights offer other great things. The rain can be heard lightly tapping on the skylights and this can create such a relaxing ambiance to take a nice bath in. Also, the skylights can offer an enjoyable view you can enjoy while you are bathing. You may have a delightful view of a tree with birds, or you may be able to see the puffy clouds as they pass over the house. It's especially wonderful to watch the snowflakes land on the skylights as you lie in a tub full of cozy warm water. 

Have a portion of the wall remodeled with glass bricks

You can have a large portion of the exterior wall replaced with glass bricks. These bricks can have many looks. There are wavy glass bricks which are some of the most popular. There are also ice glass bricks, diamond glass bricks, frosted glass bricks, and more. They also come in many colors, but clear will be best for letting natural lighting in. These bricks are very durable, and they can't be seen through. You can use them for the majority of the wall where you can't put a window, or even create a pattern in the wall with them. 

Paint the bathroom in airy colors

You should consider having your bathroom painted in airy colors. Many airy colors can be found in the coastal color palettes. These colors can include an array of light beige colors, light grays, and soft blues. These colors help the bathroom have a lighter feel, and they also help to keep the lighting more natural. Plus, the coastal colors are often associated with bathrooms, due to the connection to water. This is one reason why they are so popular. 

Have good lighting installed

During the remodel, old lighting should be replaced with a number of great lighting fixtures. Make sure there is going to be plenty of light at nighttime. You may also want to have a very bright light installed on a dimmer. This way, you can have total control over the lighting.