More Than Storage: Ideas For Renovating Your Basement

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Do you ever feel like your basement is just wasted space within your home because it's not finished? You may want to consider hiring a basement renovation company. They can often finish your basement and turn it into a useful area for less money than you'd think. And you don't just have to use the basement for storage as people often suggest. It's helpful to decide how you want to use the basement before the renovations begin. This way, your contractors can design and build out the space to suit your needs. Here are a few basement ideas you may want to consider.

Home Theater

As streaming services become more popular and movies are sometimes being sent directly to streaming services, interest in home theaters is rising. You could turn your basement into a space where you regularly view movies and TV shows. Have a TV mount built onto one wall, and include lots of comfortable seating. There are even movie theater-style seats you can buy for residential homes. You could even have your basement remodeling team add a bar to one side of the basement so you can prepare and serve drinks during movie viewing time.


If you do a lot of gardening, perhaps you've wished you had a place where you could start plants early in the season—like your own, indoor greenhouse. A basement renovation team can transform your basement into just that space. They can finish the walls and floors with waterproof paints and finishes so they don't absorb moisture from the plants and start to mold. They can also install grow lights to provide the plants with the light they need. Some plumbing work will make it easier for you to obtain water and irrigate your plants, and a dehumidifier will help keep moisture under control.

Reading Nook

If you're someone who loves diving into a good book, then perhaps you should make the basement into a reading nook. You can put some comfortable recliners down there, and have your renovation contractor install built-in shelving to hold all of your books. A little corner to brew tea and coffee would be nice, too, as would custom reading lights.

Don't let your basement space go to waste. There are so many good ways to use this space, and a basement renovation contractor can help. Consider the options above, and feel free to search for other creative ideas too.

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