Should You Install Shower Wall Panels or Tiles?

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When planning your shower bathroom remodel, you need to design your bathroom. Designing your bathroom involves deciding what to do with the walls, floor, and entire bathroom space. Do you add tiles, or do you settle for shower wall panels? While both aim to waterproof the area around your shower, each has its unique advantages. Below are factors to consider to decide which one is best for you.

Installation Cost

Your budget is the primary factor to consider when deciding between the two options. The cost of both alternatives greatly depends on the material. Shower wall panels come in different sizes and materials. For example, PVC shower panels are more affordable than solid core boards. Installing shower wall panels will also require you to buy trim and adhesive. However, the installation process is easy.

On the other hand, installing tiles is a lengthier process. Tiles need grout and more labor, making the process extensive. Like panels, the price of tiles will vary according to size and material. Ceramic tiles are cheaper compared to glass tiles. Therefore, the material you choose will affect the overall cost. Your budget will also help narrow you down to the best option.

Ease of Maintenance

Shower wall panels complement your bathroom finish and are easy to maintain. If you are working two jobs and barely have enough time to squeeze cleaning into your busy lifestyle, wall panels could be the best choice. Since they are non-porous, you can quickly wipe the walls down. Besides, bathroom wall panels don't have grout, and thus, you can easily take them down if you need to change the design or colors in your bathroom.

Tiles need more frequent cleaning. While they do a great job matching your style, without frequent cleaning, you will see visible dirt and soap scum on the tiles. The grout around the tiles makes them a little challenging to maintain, especially if you live in hot areas, as mold pockets might accumulate beneath the tiles. Additionally, if you need to change tiles, you will need to refurbish the entire bathroom fully.


When shopping around for your shower remodeling additions, you need a variety of options to choose from. Tiles offer more décor schemes with numerous patterns and different colors. Besides, tiles can be cut into different shapes or mosaics to meet your aesthetic needs. Shower wall panels don't match the versatility tiles offer. They are mostly standard and come in limited colors with little room for customization.

Which One Suits You Best?

The above factors to consider will help you choose the right option for your bathroom walls. Call shower remodeling experts for installation once you make your decision.