Decisions To Make When You Want A Paneled Wall

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While repainting a room can be a good way to change its appearance, you may find that you're looking for a bolder change. This can be a time to consult with a local home remodeling professional and decide what will work best in the space in question. One wall change that may appeal to you is covering the wall in wood. Commonly known as a paneled wall, you have the option of having paneled walls throughout the room or just on one wall as an accent. Here are some decisions to make when you hire a contractor to remodel a room with one or more panel walls.

Wood Type

A paneled wall can use all sorts of types of wood. Some people want numerous individual pieces of lumber, while others favor the simple look of plywood. If you favor the former, you'll see grooves between the pieces of wood. The latter option, meanwhile, has more of a smooth look. If you favor individual pieces of lumber and you love the look of wood, it can be fun to talk to your contractor about what type of wood to use. You might want something simple such as pine, or something that has more of a lively grain pattern such as oak.

Flat or Raised

If you want a simple look, a paneled wall that is flat may appeal to you. For something that offers a little more visual interest, you might favor a design in which there are raised areas. The former option has some similarities to hardwood flooring, in that the wall is simply covered with pieces of wood. The latter offers more flexibility. For example, you might want your contractor to cover the wall in wood, and then use wood trim to create raised squares or other shapes throughout the wall.


You have all sorts of color options to consider when you're adding one or more panel walls to your home. Some people want the natural grain of the wood to be visible, which means that a light wood stain or perhaps even leaving the wood plain can be a good option. Depending on the overall look that you're trying to achieve, you might want your contractor to paint the wood. You can choose a color that will work well with your existing furniture and the wall decorations you wish to hang, whether it's white, gray, or something more vibrant. Contact a residential remodeling contractor in your area to discuss this project.