3 Tips To Design A Combination Bathroom And Laundry Room

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Getting ready for a bathroom renovation requires careful consideration of what features are most important to you. If you decided that you want your bathroom to be a combination bathroom and laundry room, there are a lot of steps you should take to ensure that it has the style and functionality you want.

Before going about this process alone, consider some of the following steps you can take to design the bathroom with your goal of having a functional laundry room as well.

Stackable Washer and Dryer

Since the washing machine and dryer will be the main features when you're thinking about combining a laundry room and bathroom, you'll need to choose the machines that make the most sense for your needs. Placing a washer and dryer side by side can take up a lot of space and can be a poor choice when you're already limited with space.

Instead of using a standard washer and dryer, choose a stackable washing machine and dryer that can save a significant amount of space and leave room for other features in the bathroom.

Spacious Counters

Having ample space for you to have room for everything from folding clothing to spot-treating clothing can be difficult when you rush this process. Since you'll need your bathroom to be renovated with counter space, you'll need to avoid a pedestal sink and other features that can limit the space available to you.

When choosing counters to have installed in the bathroom, consider how they'll fit with your bathroom sink and whether there's room for everything you intend to do in the bathroom.

Plenty of Storage Features 

Since having enough storage is crucial to designing a bathroom that stays organized, you'll need to consider some of the options for storage features. Having storage for all of your bathroom items, as well as things you want to keep in the laundry room, can make an enormous difference in how the space looks.

By choosing storage with cabinets and drawers that can hide away laundry detergent and other items, your bathroom can look more organized and be easier to keep clean.

Renovating your bathroom can come with a lot of questions about how to make the space easier to navigate and more enjoyable to use. Since you could feel frustrated with how the bathroom looks, work on finding a contractor that makes it easy to combine a standard bathroom with a small laundry room that has the look and functionality you want. 

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